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   JETCO 토크렌치 > JETCO REVO Electronic Torque Wrench Rotary Head
이전상품 JETCO REVO Electronic Torque Wrench Rotary Head 다음상품
상품 상세 설명

super Duty REVO Digital Torque Wrench

  • Accurate - +/-2% Standard
  • Easy to use - Learn in seconds (see pdf file above)
  • Durable- Designed to take abuse
  • Two way communication with computer
  • * Output torque to computer or data logger
  • Three Measurement units with auto convert (in.lb., ft.lb. Nm)
  • Three way Lights and buzzer
  • Rechargeable Batteries (-P models)
  • Small Arc Ratchet (45 teeth)
  • Programmable Go/No Go target zone
  • Automatic Clear function
  • Large Easy to Understand Keypad
  • Peak Hold mode captures highest torque reading
  • AutoClear clears the peak torque automatically without pressing keys

The rotary head allows the user to rotate the complete wrench for easy viewing
       of LCD and LED
s it can be rotated even if it is on the fastener.  The SuperDuty REVO is available with fine tooth ratchet (series REVO)


  Electronic Kit for sending Data to computer incl. rechargeable batteries and all cables Part-No. EX-ELKIT




Torque Range

Overall length






3/8" Ratchet

2.1-21  ft.-lb.

3.0-30 Nm

25-250 in.lb.

15" 381 mm

2.2 lb


3/8" Ratchet

10-100  ft.-lb.

13.6-136 Nm

120-1200 in.lb.

17" 431 mm

2.4 lb


1/2" Ratchet

15-150  ft.-lb.

20-204 Nm

180-1800 in.lb.

19" 480 mm

2.8 lb


1/2" Ratchet

25-250 ft.-lb.

34-340 Nm

300-3000 in.lb

22" 550 mm

3.0 lb

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